Salesloft Integration With Salesforce

With Salesloft, you can automate repetitive processes in Salesforce and give admins more control over data flow. For example, an SDR’s criteria meeting a specific condition will be reflected in the team’s dashboard. This prevents duplicate communications at the Account-Based Sales level. It also helps your team collaborate on the same deal more effectively. It helps to automate the same tasks across all team members. In addition, Salesloft is easy to use and install.


To set up your first Salesloft cadence, log into your account. Next, click on Authentication. In the right-hand corner, click “Create new cadence” and choose the one you’d like. Ensure that your Authentication name is unique. You can change it anytime after the initial setup. You’ll see a message that says “Authentication for Salesloft has been created.”

In the Salesforce Authentication screen

enter your username and password. After logging in, click the “Connect” button. Once your username is verified, click Connect. Then, select “Connect to Salesforce” and follow the prompts. In the Salesforce Authentication screen, click “Connect to Salesloft” to link the two accounts. In the next step, click the Connect button to link your CRM accounts. Once you’ve connected, you’ll be directed to the Salesforce login page. In the Salesforce page, you’ll see your Salesforce username and password. If you want to disconnect from Salesforce, click Disconnect. This will unlink your Salesloft and connection with the platform. When you’re done, the CRM will revert to its original setting.

Using Salesloft with Salesforce is a great way to streamline repetitive tasks. When you create a custom rule, you can include multiple actions based on a single set of criteria. These rules will not duplicate communication at the Account-Based Sales level and give you more control over the data flow. Moreover, you can use a single rule to set up a sales process for multiple teams. Alternatively, you can create a workflow and assign each SDR a task.

When syncing between Salesforce and Salesloft

you can create custom rules for every single account. When you create a rule, you can specify a name for the rule. The default name will be the same as the account. Afterward, you can add tags for each stage of cadence. Your Aircall agent can tag a contact with a custom tag. This way, he can easily identify which contacts are in a specific stage of the sales cycle.

Once you have a custom name for your Salesloft account, you can begin building your cadence. Your cadence is your process. You should create a template to follow when you are selling. This will make your workflow easy and efficient. This way, your team will have a better understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences. Then, your Salesloft account will have the necessary information to help your salespeople follow the cadence.

When you use Salesloft

you can easily map your contacts from different sources to Salesforce. You can use a custom name by creating a separate account for your company. This can be helpful if your leads are coming from a variety of sources. Your CRM system should also have a custom URL that you can use for syncing. Then, you can start adding tags for each stage of the cadence. Besides, you can easily tag a contact and a lead.

You can set a Salesloft cadence with Salesforce

This allows you to automate your sales workflow by following a set of steps. After creating your cadence, you can customize your Salesforce UI and use the app to manage your leads. Lastly, you can create new tasks in Salesloft by using the Salesloft Connect for Salesforce feature. Your agents can even access the data in their contacts in the app by connecting with Salesloft from the Salesforce platform.

Using Salesloft,

you can automate the most repetitive processes in Salesforce. You can also add custom fields for every step of the cadence. Moreover, you can tag each contact as Completed, Bounced, or Bounced. You can set tags for each stage of the cadence with Aircall. This is an important feature for a business. In addition to tagging contacts, you can create custom fields for each cadence stage.

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