New Superintendant Of West Islip Makes A Bold Statement

New Superintendant Of West Islip: It’s hard enough being a superintendent in any school district, but it’s even harder when you’re the superintendent of one of the worst-performing districts in the United States.

That’s exactly the situation that West Islip, New York, found itself in when they named Michael Mulgrew as their new superintendent. Mulgrew is a veteran educator and has spent his entire career working in low-income and minority communities.

In an interview with The Patch, Mulgrew made a bold statement about his plans for West Islip: “We are going to turn this district around, and we are not going to stop until every child who walks through our doors is successful.

We are going to put together a team that is diverse and knows how to work together as a unit, from top to bottom. And we are going to set high expectations for our students and their families. We know what works; now it’s time for West Islip to get on board.”

It will be an uphill battle for Mulgrew and his team, but with such strong motivation and a clear vision, they may just be able to make a difference in West Islip

New Superintendent of West Islip, NY Dr. Katherine Bonomi makes a bold statement

Dr. Katherine Bonomi, the new superintendent of West Islip, NY made a bold statement in her first interview as superintendent. She outlined her plans to revitalize the district and make it more efficient. She also stated that she wants to focus on academic achievement and reducing violence.

Dr. Bonomi is an experienced educator who comes from a background in special education and is committed to making West Islip a top-performing school district.

What Dr. Bonomi plans to do about the high school

Dr. Bonomi plans to address the high school’s many issues head-on. “We will be working hard to decrease absenteeism, improve test scores, and increase graduation rates,” she said.

“The biggest challenge we face is that students are constantly changing and graduating, so we need to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.”

Bonomi also wants to create a more welcoming environment for students. “I want West Islip High School to be a safe and supportive place for everyone,” she said. “We will work to create an inclusive culture where all students feel welcome and accepted.”

If these goals are met, Dr. Bonomi believes West Islip High School will be one of the top schools in Suffolk County. She is excited to start working with the school board and the community to make this happen.

The superintendent’s vision for the district

Superintendent of West Islip School District, Dwight Carter Jr., outlined his vision for the district during his first meeting with staff. The superintendent wants to see a district that is “safe, innovative and rigorous.”

He plans to invest in technology, increase enrollment and focus on college and career readiness. The superintendent also stressed the importance of community engagement and collaboration.

Dr. Bonomi discusses her goals for the school district

Dr. Bonomi is a hardworking, dedicated educator who has spent her entire career working in the West Islip School District. She is passionate about helping to improve the district and creating a positive learning environment for its students.

In her new role as superintendent, Dr. Bonomi has made it clear that her priorities include improving student achievement, increasing parental involvement, and creating a safe and supportive school culture.

She is determined to work collaboratively with all stakeholders in the district to achieve these goals. Dr. Bonomi is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the West Islip School District and looks forward to making a difference for its students


West Islip’s newest superintendent has made a bold statement, promising to make the district a model of transparency and accountability.

Dr. Pamela Ling is sworn in as the new Superintendant on Tuesday, and she says that one of her top priorities will be increasing communication between parents, students, and staff.

“I want to work collaboratively with all our stakeholders,” Dr. Ling said in an interview with News 12 Long Island. “We have to build relationships so we can hold everyone accountable.” Dr. Ling comes to West Islip from East Meadow, where she served as Superintendent for nine years.

During that time, she was heavily involved in community service and education initiatives, earning accolades such as the Teacher of the Year award from Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.

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