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Don Bosco Vazhikaatti Educational and Charitable Society has been running 50 schools in five districts of Tamil Nadu, India. As part of its educational mission, the Society has launched a new project for job placement and career guidance. The project has been made possible through the generous support of Salesian Missions. It has also been aided by the Don Bosco Sisters of Charity. To date, the project has assisted over 4,000 students in finding a suitable jobs.

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The Don Bosco Career Guidance project works to empower youth in coastal areas of India. The project has two needlework centers, one for fisherfolk and one for others. It also focuses on spiritual formation for young girls. A weekly prayer session is conducted for the girls to help them understand the importance of spirituality. There are numerous benefits to working with the Don Bosco organization. However, it is not a guarantee that students will find a job, but it does give them a head start.

The Don Bosco Career Guidance Project is committed to creating positive change in the lives of young people. It aims to develop young men and women to lead successful lives. This includes fostering their self-esteem. Moreover, it encourages students to have a positive attitude and a love for learning. Its college readiness program begins in the freshman year, and students begin thinking about their future careers through the use of Naviance. The Don Bosco Career Guidance Project staff work individually with each student, scheduling sessions throughout the school year to address their questions and concerns.

The Don Bosco Career Guidance Project also includes needle-work centers for fisherfolk in Pallithottam. The girls in these projects are taught to sew to earn a living, and the Don Bosco Career Guidance Project supervises the spiritual formation of the young women. During this weekly prayer session, they meet with a priest, who leads a weekly meditation for the youth.

The Don Bosco Career Guidance Project is a network of 52 Don Bosco Career Guidance Centers in India. During the school year, the girls in these centers can attend vocational courses and earn a living. The Don BCG Project is also involved in spiritual formation. The girls attend weekly religious service sessions. There are two different types of programs: for the girls in the FCDP, the Don Bosco Community Development Program, and the Don’s Home Science Training Programme.

The Don Bosco Career Guidance Project in India also offers students job placement. These services enable the youth to find suitable jobs and pursue their passions. They also provide training and motivation for life-scoping skills. This program empowers the poor youth in India through individual and group orientation and motivation. In the long run, the Don Bosco mission will continue to empower the lives of the people in India through its mission of social and economic justice.

Don Bosco Prep’s counselors focus on collaboration with teachers and administrators. The goal of their work is to empower young people to make informed decisions about their future. During the first year of their studies, the Don Bosco Prep Career Guidance Program aims to equip youth with essential skills for success. Don Bosco has become one of the most popular and effective organizations empowering the youth in India. It reaches millions of people across the globe through its various programs and activities.

The Don Bosco Career Guidance Project has two needlework centers in India

The first center serves fisherfolk in Pallithottam, and the second one is a needlework center in Quilon. The project also has 2 sewing centers. The Don Bosco Career Guidance Program is an excellent way to empower the marginalized youth in India. The Salesians will teach these students life-scoping skills, give them the skills they need to be successful, and support them in reaching their potential.

The Don Bosco Career Guidance Project also has 2 needlework centers for the local fisherfolk in Pallithottam. In addition, the Don Bosco Prep counselors will help students choose the right career path by exploring various fields of employment. Among these, they will also provide life-scoping skills and assist youth in exploring various job opportunities. Don Bosco counselors will also help students develop important work-related and life skills.

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