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I don’t like to think the truth is much worse than the illusion because it would require a lot of imagination and skill to see things in black and white—and so does everyone else. But that is the way human beings operate; it is an instinct, almost a necessity, to make one thing appear better or worse than another. The same can be said of mice and their games. There are different kinds of mice that are used for gaming. Some are known best for specific games.

And some have become household names when they first appeared in stores. In fact, over 300 million different brands sell online. That works out to about 1 mouse per 11 consumers. This leads me to my next point: each kind of mouse is very different from the other. So here are all the types of gaming mice. Each kind has had many iterations. They may even work the same way as you would expect. When I say “type”, I mean different features and specifications, not just variations in design. Let us look at each type of gaming mouse all-around.

Tablet Mice

The most common kind of gaming mouse is the tablet. It comes in two forms. Either you get an iPad Air (for tablets smaller than 4x) or the new iPad mini ($129). On top of its simplicity, its versatility makes this a popular choice among gamers. Most tablets come with three buttons on the side. You have four gamepad functions. These include volume, power, pause, and right arrow.

There are others, but they are less obvious. A thumbstick, scroll wheel, etc., also exist. Also, note that these have touch capability. Touch capability allows you to use your fingers to control the cursor. This is something that seems very alien to those using conventional controllers. For instance, if you were to pull the scroll wheel up, the pointer will move slowly. However, your finger can slide the trigger closer and move faster. Or if you are holding the scroll wheel down, you will have a more responsive pointer. I’ve been playing games for years, and I love how convenient tablet mice are.

Smart Mice

Smart mice are similar to tablets, in that they come in various shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, there is one big difference. Smart mice come with two buttons on the sides. Here, you have left and right keys. The left key releases the mouse. The right key lets you go back and forth in the direction of the button, making your movements very easy. Smart mice are popular for people who enjoy quick games. If you have a high number of games that you have to play quickly, you should consider a smart mouse. You are probably familiar with Microsoft and Sony’s tablets. They have a similar appearance to tablets. Just as smartphones do, tablets also have a touchscreen. Both tablets and smart mice have the same capabilities as tablets. They allow you to switch between apps. Many tablets have Bluetooth capability. Then again, a smart mouse also has Bluetooth capability, although that is not usually the case. Because this is one of the newer models, a wireless connection allows you to play without having to plug in your cables. With a battery that lasts six hours, a full charge in 20 minutes, most tablets last longer than a week.

Stationary Mice

Stationary mice allow you to set up a system in which you will hold a mouse. Your computer provides more information to the mouse and, therefore, changes all of the settings it allows. Stationery mice are not necessarily cheap. I say that because they cost a fraction of what tablets cost. However, they do give you something to play with, which enables you to have fun even without being plugged into a cable. Stationery mice are often referred to as stationary mice. They can be placed behind a desk or held on a shelf. As with tablets, stationery mice tend to be portable.

They don’t need to break down or take up a space if you are storing them behind your desk or running errands at home. Finally, the name Stationary suggests that they will stay stationary as you place them. Perhaps my favorite feature of a stationary mouse is the ability to move away from the point of purchase if desired. When placing them, your hands will remain stationary, but they will move to wherever you desire.

FPS/360° Mouse

The term FPS refers to an action-packed video game in which every second counts. Therefore, the fastest game mode must contain dozens or hundreds of intense actions. Usually, you will find that with a 360° mouse, one controller controls both the mouse and the gamepad, allowing you to move around the room while controlling the action. An interesting element is that these mice often allow you to track your progress in the game, which in turn unlocks new content or items to continue progressing through the game.

However, you are still able to move around in circles with only one controller. Another thing that I enjoy about this model is that it has a long battery life compared to most other models. At up to 45 hours on a single charge, the 30W battery is enough for a few days of normal playtime, but that is plenty if you want to play a couple of hours on a day-long quest. This is something that I highly recommend considering the price tag.

Multi-Functional Mice

Multi-function mice are made for people who love to experiment with multiple titles (and often multiple controllers). Multi-function models feature some combination of gamepad functions. However, unlike with other designs, multi-function mice also do not provide direct feedback to the person controlling them. Instead, they use a directional button layout. More specifically, the buttons are divided into the following categories:

D-pad, B- pad, H-pad, F-pad, R-pad, E-pad, X-pad, Right arrow, Left arrow, Circle, Up and Down arrows. Again, these are the standard button combinations found in a variety of products, including tablets. The reason why the standard button layouts are chosen is that they are universally used. Note that while the directions are written on the buttons directly, they aren’t visible. Additionally, once used, the button layout will not change unless instructed to do so. While these devices vary widely, the majority have a large number of games that need to be played simultaneously, which means each system will have to do the heavy lifting.

Gaming Tips

If you find that a gaming mouse isn’t for you, then keep using them for a little bit, until they start working for you! While they do have quirks and limitations, they certainly give you tremendous joy when used alone or combined with your favorite gaming console.

Since they are often used together, I suggest reading reviews about each device and whether you will like all aspects of a particular product. Before buying any gaming mouse, I generally recommend checking the warranty either before purchasing or to ensure that they are capable of handling these requirements. Lastly, choose a gaming mouse that doesn’t have a “virus protection” label. Even though it can seem like an inconvenience, virus protection is an added benefit to have. Not to mention, the labels are meant to protect against viruses that infect gaming mice.

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