Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles

I recently published a couple of articles on Vocal called, “4 Ways to Get Your Business Online,” and “5 Reasons Working from Home Can Be Great.”

As you might have guessed, those articles were not so good for me to write about because my writing style wasn’t good enough so I decided to make something new with this article. If you read that article, chances are that your writing skills won’t get better as much as you hoped they would.

It was pretty disappointing on many levels, but I’m glad it helped me realize how the quality of my thoughts can improve by simply trying something new. Don’t try something new and then be disappointed if it doesn’t go well. Every writer has their own way of doing things, and I will share what that process is!

1. When I started writing my first blog post, I realized a big problem in terms of content creation. At least, in the beginning, there was really no focus on producing good content. When I had never written an essay before, I wrote two or three paragraphs at a time. Then when I finally did, I had too much content so I started retyping everything I did. This led to some embarrassing moments in my editing process, but also some helpful experiences.

The first time I wrote the second draft of one sentence, there was just so much re-typing to do and I ended up getting a nice clean look in my head, which felt great. That one word had been a major struggle for me for weeks since I started making posts, so much re-typed material in my mind meant that I was having trouble creating any type of content. Luckily, when I had gotten used to it, I began picking up sentences at a faster pace. I used words like “quickly” and “relatively speaking.”

By being able to write short, sweet content, I was able to pick up a lot more ideas while still feeling comfortable when giving out my ideas. Plus, I became more productive in the sense of having a longer period of time between each post I made, rather than one day to two days after a full month of writing. With all those changes, I was able to start posting consistently again even though the first blog posts weren’t very popular.

2. Another thing I learned as a result of writing consistently more often is more patience. In the beginning, I tried to publish regularly; my best post to date was around five months ago. Now, my average post has been roughly six months now. For some reason, when I write regularly, I have fewer problems when it comes to posting too much.

After my first blog post, I thought I would write daily once per day. But then I started working at my job as a freelance writer/content creator for other writers to work with, and soon after, I realized that my blogging schedule was limited. So I stopped publishing every Sunday until I felt better getting my posts done.

Since then, I’ve been pushing myself to write more consistently and I am glad that I did because now I know that I need to give myself much time to relax and rest after a long day of writing. Also, it makes me feel better to write whenever I feel ready, rather than going the typical 9 PM to 6 AM routine where I am supposed to write every day at 6 PM.

3. Just because I don’t write every day doesn’t mean that I couldn’t write at all! As a woman who struggles to find time for writing during my day job, I actually haven’t worked since March 13th, 2019. What I have been able to figure out is that the most important thing you should be focusing on is what you enjoy doing.

After starting to work from home, I am spending less time taking trips out and visiting people’s homes. But no matter how minimal I think I am doing things when I do something, writing is what I love to do and I am thankful for it.

My life hasn’t changed drastically in a few years, so I don’t know if it will ever change. However, I do believe that this situation is why it helps me to write more often because I am always making sure that I am maintaining a healthy balance between living my life as I know it and getting my business online. And I am sure I am doing something good with those balances.

4. Not only does writing help me find time for others, but it can help me to find time for myself. Having too much time to myself, especially when it’s hot and humid outside can lead to unhealthy living. One of the reasons that I write when I’m stressed out and have absolutely nothing else to do is that I know I’ve got no choice but to be productive.

But I have found that putting pen to paper can help me to focus on writing instead of other things in my life. If I had no distractions, my mind would be thinking about food and watching TV. Going into winter, I am grateful for the cold weather, so I try to use my time wisely. During these colder hours, I will create two or three paragraphs.

Those two or three paragraphs take up a whole hour of the time I had supposed to spend in bed. That 30 minute block of my mind is all I need to write. But it also leaves me free to do whatever I want, if I had nothing to do or want to watch Netflix on. Because of the lack of responsibilities, I am also able to write whenever I want. And if I know that I can sit down and write in 10 minutes without any distraction, that gives me time to do a quick yoga session on my break.

5. Finally, I hope that writing helped you! There’s only one more step before you can add your voice to make an impact in someone’s life. Make sure that it’s something that you feel strongly about and something that you know is worth sharing with the world. Remember to be open to listening to yourself and changing along the way.

Be willing to put pen to paper and put it out into the universe and if it helps you, then that is wonderful, and never ever stop being awesome. Hopefully, this is what you’ve learned from me today, so let me know if you have questions about the topics or tips that you need to give out because I truly appreciate writing for you!

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