A Guide on Using Panty Liners Daily

Vaginal discharge is a completely natural phenomenon. However, it can make you quite uncomfortable by making your underwear wet and dirty. So, how to deal with this common issue? Many women prefer using panty liners to protect their underwear from vaginal discharge and keep themselves dry, clean, and fresh throughout the day. There are also a few people who still don’t know the importance and usage of panty liners in their everyday life. In this blog, you will get to know all about the reasons to buy panty liners online or from local stores. Also, the best ways to use panty liners to get the maximum benefit.

A panty liner is a thin pad with a sticky side that needs to be attached to the gusset of underwear. In simple words, it prevents stains and keeps underwear clean and dry. They are basically used to absorb the regular vaginal discharge. It can also be used to absorb very light period spotting. It is important to note that panty liners work best when you change them every 3 to 4 hours. 

When it comes to panty liners online shopping, you will find them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and portability options. They also come in different design options. For instance, some disposable panty liners come with a sticky adhesive that keeps them in place while some come with wings that can be wrapped around the underwear to get better stability. You can also find reusable panty liners online that come in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, materials, and absorbencies. You can wash them after every use and reuse them for a few years. For better stability, reusable panty liners are secured with wings that are wrapped around the underwear. 

Why use a panty liner every day?

You can use panty liner every day apart from your menstruation days. The main purpose of panty liners is to absorb everyday vaginal discharge, light spotting, unexpected light period flow, post-intercourse discharge, staining at the beginning and end of periods.

As mentioned above, vaginal discharge is a natural phenomenon, it can happen for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons can be ovulation, to keep the vagina lubricated, arousal, post-intercourse, etc. In all such conditions, wearing a panty liner can help in keeping underwear free from stains while making you feel comfortable, dry, clean, and confident. 

Benefits of wearing panty liners every day

Some of the key benefits of wearing panty liners daily include:

  • They provide everyday protection from vaginal discharge.
  • They make you worry-free in case of unexpected periods.
  • They can be used to absorb urine leakage and keep your underwear dry.
  • Panty liners help to prevent wetness.
  • These can be used during the last days of your period when you don’t want to use a sanity pad for protecting your underwear from light bleeding.
  • Panty liners help to keep your underwear clean and dry.
  • Panty liners can be very helpful if you are facing the issue of adult incontinence.
  • Panty liners are also recommended to be used during light postpartum flow called lochia, which can occur for a few weeks or months after childbirth.

Tips to use panty liners in the right manner

Here are some of the important tips to keep in mind when using panty liners:

  • You can use panty liners before or after periods. However, avoid wearing them during heavy flow days as they are not designed to absorb heavy blood flow and you may face leakage problems. 
  • Panty liners are simple to use just. They can be worn inside the underwear and kept in place with the help of its adhesive strip. 
  • You can place the panty liner vertically and wrap it around the gusset of the underwear to prevent misplacement.
  • Change your panty liners every 3 to 4 hours. Also, in case your panty liner becomes excessively moist, change it quickly to avoid leakage or bad odor.
  • Try not to wear panty liners at night. Since panty liners must be changed frequently, wearing them for the whole night may increase the chances of infection.
  • It is advisable to avoid buying scented panty liners. Scented panty liners contain chemicals that can cause itchiness and discomfort by irritating the sensitive tissues around the vagina. Therefore, it is better to use unscented liners that are made from organic cotton products. 
  • According to experts, you must use breathable panty liners that do not restrict the air circulation to the reproductive organs and keep your clothes dry. 


To conclude, using panty liners daily can prove to be a great savior from unexpected flow, vaginal discharge, light spotting, urine leakage, and various other common problems. They not only protect your underwear by keeping them clean and dry but also makes you worry-free and much more confident throughout the day. Just make sure to buy the best panty liners in India whether you buy from a local store or do panty liners online shopping, always buy the best quality products. 

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